Perfumes of Puglia

Marvel at the unique fragrances of Acque di Monopoli®. Inspired by the scents of the Apulian territory , our excellent quality raw materials create a range of fragrances that are not forgotten.

Let yourself be overwhelmed by an unforgettable experience where the sea , Apulian fruits and thyme mix together in a warm and exciting aroma. You will have an indelible memory with the notes of Acque di Monopoli®, which will transport you to a magical world. A rich and complex fragrance that will ensure that your beauty is noticed and remembered.

Powerful yet delicate, this elegant perfume will give you the utmost elegance.

Per la persona

Our collection of fragrances for the person is inspired by the four winds: Levante, Maestrale, Ponente and Scirocco. Includes our exclusive fragrances rich in notes of sea air from Puglia. Handcrafted to offer the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity, these refined fragrances will highlight your uniqueness with every step. Enchanting and exclusive, these perfumes are a glimpse into timeless elegance.
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